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"I'm an attorney, a small business owner, and a mom, and I'm running to represent District 13 in the Arkansas State House. You deserve a voice in Little Rock who will work hard for strong businesses, strong families, and strong cities in Northwest Arkansas."

-Jen Standerfer


Jen Stands for AR

I grew up on the Rogers side of District 13, and now I’m raising my boys in Bentonville. House District 13 is home.

The District 13 I know wants servant-leaders who will bridge bitter divisions and bring people together. What we need more of in the Capitol is what you and I do every day here in Northwest Arkansas – we come together, we listen, we collaborate, and we work toward solutions. Because of that spirit, we lead.


In the legislature, I’ll work to strengthen our Northwest Arkansas businesses, families, and cities. I stand for District 13, and I stand for Arkansas. Will you stand with me?

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