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On the Issues

Strong Businesses

Benton County is the economic engine of Arkansas, and it’s fueled by us.  The State Legislature needs to take a back seat to private industry, and support its growth and the working men and women that keep it moving.


A few of the policies I support to strengthen Arkansas businesses:


•   Expanding workforce education opportunities to give workers the skill sets they need to earn


•   Providing tax relief to employers who hire veterans, provide a living wage, and offer benefits like healthcare, childcare, and retirement to their employees


•   Providing universal Pre-K and expanding access to affordable childcare, so mom and dad can get back to work


•   Equal pay


•   Strengthening international business partnerships that lead to innovation and development


Strong Families

Every Sunday as I cook dinner for Josh and the boys I’m reminded of what’s really important.  We work to support our families.  We vote to protect our families.  We worship to strengthen our families.  It’s good government’s job to support, protect, and strengthen families, too.


•   I am pro-life


•   We must protect the unborn baby and his mother.


•   A woman should be able to decide WHEN she wants to have a baby.  We must do more to protect her by:

            -Strengthening prosecutions and punishment for domestic violence and sexual abuse against women and children

            -Providing sex education classes that encourage abstinence while educating on birth control

            -Increase access to birth control

            -Increase access to child-care so she can return to work and provide for her baby

            -Increase access to affordable prenatal, postnatal, and pediatric healthcare


•   Our state legislature must protect the free practice of religion, and respect the individual freedoms and liberties of all families,


•   We are all equal in the eyes of God; it is our duty protect equality under the law as well.


•   Northwest Arkansas families need increased access to specialized medical care and an expanded affordable healthcare network in District 13.


•   We have the best teachers in the state right here in Benton County.  We need to remove their red tape, stop arguing about what teachers should and shouldn’t say, and let our teachers teach.

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Strong Cities

I’ve got almost 20 years of government relations and government law experience. Good government is quiet and measured, balanced and pragmatic.  We find it when both parties set aside their differences, roll up their sleeves, and come together at the table. I have done the work of good government, I have seen us lose it in recent years, and I’m running to bring it back to the state legislature. 


•   The Constitution made state representative a part-time job with limited power, checked and balanced by the other two branches.  We need state representatives who know their place.  Small government is good government.


•   Our cities, counties, and schools are the closest to the people, and local control is essential to good government. 


•   We need legislators who understand that you don’t have to mandate or prohibit everything.  Some decisions should be left to the people to make for themselves.  This government was created and should remain by the people for the people.


•   I support law enforcement.  Full stop.  I will protect the funding for the training, technology, and support that our good cops need to be the best cops in the country.


•   Our laws protect us, and we must protect the rule of law.


•   The 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees us the right to bear arms.  I will support and uphold the 2nd Amendment.


•   Transparency in government is essential to the integrity of our democracy.

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